30 Rubberband Hairstyles Kids [Every Mom Loves]

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Ever found yourself scrolling through endless photos of cute kids’ hairstyles, wondering how to spruce up your little one’s look for their next school event or birthday party?

Have you been on the lookout for simple, playful hairstyles that are as vibrant and energetic as your kids themselves?

As moms, we all want our children to look their best, without spending hours each morning battling tangles and tears.

That’s why I’ve compiled a delightful list of 30 rubber band hairstyles that are not only adorable but also quick and easy to create.

Each style is designed to keep your kiddo’s hair neatly in place while adding a splash of fun with colorful accessories.

Let’s dive in!

What is Rubber Band Hairstyles?

Rubber band hairstyles are versatile and playful hairdos that incorporate small, colorful elastic bands to create various patterns and styles in the hair.

These hairstyles are especially popular for children due to their simplicity, functionality, and the playful touch they add with the bright colors of the rubber bands.

They can range from simple designs like basic ponytails with a twist, to more intricate patterns such as crisscrosses, zigzags, or shapes like stars and hearts.

The rubber bands help to section and secure the hair in place, making these styles particularly effective for managing and styling fine or unruly hair.

They’re great for adding a decorative flair while ensuring that the hair stays neatly organized throughout the day.

These hairstyles are not only practical for everyday wear but also customizable for special occasions, allowing for creativity and personal expression through various colors and arrangements of the bands.

30 Rubber Band Hairstyles for Kids

1. Butterfly and Bead Embellished Braids

This hairstyle features a delightful combination of tight cornrows and thick, loose braids adorned with vibrant rubber bands and beads.

Each row of cornrows converges at different points on the head, creating an artistic pattern that enhances the scalp’s contour and provides a dynamic aesthetic.

The hairstyle is playfully enhanced with brightly colored beads and butterfly clips, adding a whimsical and youthful charm.

This look is perfect for showcasing personality and style, appealing for festive occasions or everyday flair.

@Tina Snow 

2. Majestic Crown Braids

This hairstyle is an exquisite demonstration of braiding artistry, featuring several tightly woven cornrows that converge into a stunning bun atop the head.

The pattern of the braids from the nape to the crown creates a regal and structured look, perfect for events where a touch of elegance is desired.

This style highlights the natural beauty of tightly coiled hair and serves as a protective styling choice, keeping the hair neat and less prone to breakage.

The intricate parting and the voluminous bun combine to make this a standout style for any occasion.

@Tina Snow 

3. Spiraled Elegance with Colorful Beads

This unique hairstyle captures the essence of creativity and playfulness, featuring spiraling cornrows that create a mesmerizing pattern across the head.

Each braid is meticulously crafted to swirl around itself, forming large, eye-catching, intricate, elegant loops.

The look is further enhanced with a vibrant array of colorful beads at the ends, adding a splash of fun and color.

This style is particularly popular among children and is perfect for school events, parties, or any occasion where a bit of whimsy is welcomed.

@Tina Snow 

4. Playful Pigtails with Colorful Rubber Bands

This charming hairstyle is perfect for adding a dash of fun and color to a child’s look.

It features neatly parted hair braided into multiple sections, each secured with bright, multicolored rubber bands that add a playful twist.

The braids are skillfully arranged to converge into two adorable pigtails, each topped with a vibrant orange bow.

This hairstyle is not only stylish but also practical, keeping hair tidy and out of the face while providing a cheerful aesthetic suitable for school days or weekend outings.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

5. Pink Blossom Delight

This sweet and simple hairstyle is perfect for adding a burst of color and charm to a young child’s look.

It features smooth, parted hair accented with small pink and white beads that mimic the appearance of tiny blossoms.

Each section of the hair is tied with delicate rubber bands, leading into a large, vibrant pink bow that sits proudly at the crown.

This style is ideal for special occasions or everyday wear where a touch of girlish whimsy is desired.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

6. Starry Sky Braids

This delightful hairstyle features a series of smooth, sleek braids that crisscross the scalp in a star-like pattern, secured at each intersection with bright blue and white rubber bands.

The braids are neatly tied off into two long, flowing pigtails, adding a classic touch to the modern design.

This hairstyle is perfect for young children, offering a neat, comfortable, and playful look that’s ideal for school days or outdoor activities.

The starry arrangement of the braids, coupled with vibrant bands, makes it a visually appealing and fun choice for any young style enthusiast.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

7. Festival of Colors Top Knot

This vibrant and eye-catching hairstyle is perfect for bringing fun and festivity to any occasion.

It features multiple braids wrapped neatly around the head, converging into two playful top knots.

Each braid is secured with brightly colored rubber bands, adding a splash of color that mimics a festive garland.

The hairstyle is further decorated with whimsical butterfly clips in various shades, enhancing its playful appeal.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

8. Neon Peekaboo Braids

This hairstyle is a playful twist on traditional braiding, perfect for a child’s active and fun-filled day.

It features sections of hair braided and secured with vibrant neon-colored rubber bands that stand out against the natural hair color.

The braids are casually pulled back into a ponytail, highlighted by a cheerful green polka dot bow for an extra pop of whimsy.

This style is not just about looking cute; it’s about adding a burst of energy and color to the day, ideal for parties or playful outings.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

9. Garden Party Braids

This imaginative hairstyle is a tribute to spring and garden themes, perfect for any outdoor event or festive gathering.

It features neatly parted rows of cornrows accented with small rubber bands in shades of green and blue, adding a touch of vibrant color.

The style is adorned with large green leaf-shaped hair accessories that create a playful, garden-inspired look.

Each accessory is strategically placed to mimic leaves growing along the braids, making this hairstyle not just a style statement but a piece of wearable art.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

10. Whimsical Woven Bun

This hairstyle is a delightful mix of intricate braiding and vibrant highlights, making it an eye-catching choice for young fashion enthusiasts.

It starts with finely braided cornrows that crisscross the scalp, each secured with colorful rubber bands that add a playful element to the overall look.

The braids culminate in a voluminous bun at the crown, wrapped with a striking yellow band that brings an extra burst of color.

This style is both practical and fashionable, ideal for special occasions or daily wear where a little extra flair is desired.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

11. Pastel Party Ponytail

This hairstyle is a playful blend of elegance and fun, ideal for any young individual with a taste for color and creativity.

It features tightly braided cornrows that sweep up from the nape to the crown, each secured with pastel-colored rubber bands that add a soft, delightful pop of color.

The look culminates in a fluffy ponytail, adorned with a pink fuzzy hair accessory that enhances the youthful charm.

This hairstyle is not only stylish but also practical, keeping hair neat and managed while adding a whimsical touch.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

12. Carnival Twist Updo

This vibrant hairstyle perfectly captures the essence of carnival fun, combining playful elements with sophisticated styling.

It features multiple cornrows starting at the forehead and sweeping upwards towards a high, twisted bun.

Each braid is adorned with colorful beads and rubber bands, creating a visual feast of colors that pop against the natural hair texture.

The bun itself is wrapped with a rainbow-colored hair tie, adding a bold and festive touch. This hairstyle is ideal for celebrations or any day where extra cheer is welcomed.

@Jennifer Chiamaka Duru

13. Creative Crossroad Braids

This innovative hairstyle mixes texture and pattern to create a standout look that’s both stylish and playful.

The design features a series of cornrows that intersect in a dynamic crossroad pattern at the back of the head, each secured with subtly colored rubber bands.

This structured pattern flows into a luscious, free-flowing natural puff at the top, providing a beautiful contrast.

It’s a perfect choice for showcasing natural hair texture while keeping it neatly styled and managed, ideal for both casual and special occasions.

@Dudu’s beauty salon

14. Playful Pom-Pom Pigtails

This hairstyle is a delightful display of color and creativity, perfect for a playful day out or a themed party.

It features several small braids adorned with colorful beads that add a joyful noise with every movement.

The braids are gathered into two high pigtails, each wrapped with vibrant rubber bands and topped with large, playful hair accessories that resemble cheerful pom-poms.

The standout feature is the oversized polka-dot bows that add a final touch of whimsy, making this hairstyle a true celebration of youthful spirit.

@Latashia A Rubin

15. Rainbow Ribbon Braids

This hairstyle bursts with color and personality, making it a festive choice for any young child.

The style features a series of tight cornrows, beautifully patterned across the scalp, each adorned with tiny, colorful rubber bands.

These vivid accents introduce a playful element of rainbow hues, which are complemented by larger, brightly colored ribbons tied into a large bow at the back.

This hairstyle is not only visually striking but also practical, keeping hair neatly in place while celebrating a spirit of fun and creativity.

@Latashia A Rubin

16. Color Splash Cornrows

This hairstyle is a vibrant expression of creativity and fun, perfect for kids who love to stand out.

It features tight, sleek cornrows that start at the front and curve gracefully toward the back, each section punctuated with brightly colored rubber bands.

The varied hues of the bands add a playful, rainbow-like effect that enhances the intricate braiding pattern.

This style is both practical for everyday wear and striking enough for special occasions, embodying a joyful, carefree spirit.

@Latashia A Rubin

17. Tiny Twinkles Braided Cascade

This charming hairstyle brings a touch of magic to any young child’s ensemble.

It features neat cornrows that flow seamlessly from the front of the head to the back, each adorned with colorful beads that seem to twinkle like little stars.

The beads, in shades of yellow, pink, and purple, add a delightful burst of color, while the braids gather into long, flowing extensions at the back, creating a beautiful cascade effect.

This style is perfect for both everyday flair and special occasions, combining elegance with playful charm.

@Latashia A Rubin

18. Elegant Charm Top Knot

This hairstyle exudes elegance and charm, perfect for a young girl on a special day.

It features beautifully crafted cornrows that converge into a high, voluminous top knot, making it both neat and stylish.

Each braid is adorned with subtle metallic clips and rings, adding a sophisticated touch to the overall look.

The hairstyle is practical, keeping hair securely in place, while the decorative elements bring a festive flair, making it ideal for celebrations, school events, or any occasion that calls for a little extra sparkle.

@Latashia A Rubin

19. Beaded Garden Path Braids

This enchanting hairstyle captures the whimsy of a colorful garden path.

It features neat, tight braids that flow beautifully across the head, each adorned with bright, flower-shaped beads that add a playful touch.

The beads, in various vibrant colors, are spaced along the braids like little blooms in a garden, bringing joy and color to the style.

This hairstyle is perfect for any young child who loves a bit of fun in their look, suitable for school, parties, or any day they want to feel extra special.

@Latashia A Rubin

20. Starlight Crown Braids

This adorable hairstyle is perfect for a little one who loves to shine.

It features neatly braided rows that loop around the head, creating a crown-like effect, each adorned with bright yellow beads that add a pop of cheerful color.

The braids are expertly sectioned to enhance the natural volume at the top, where the hair is left free to form a soft, fluffy puff.

This style is not only cute but also practical, keeping hair neatly out of the face while allowing some playful freedom at the crown.

@Latashia A Rubin

21. Butterfly Garden Fro

This hairstyle is a vibrant celebration of color and creativity, perfect for a young child who loves to express their playful side.

The style features tightly braided cornrows that gracefully ascend to a voluminous, fluffy afro, mimicking a blossoming garden.

Each braid is adorned with brightly colored butterfly clips, which are playfully scattered throughout the afro, adding whimsy and charm.

This hairstyle is ideal for special occasions or everyday wear, allowing a child to showcase their vibrant personality and love for fun details.

@Latashia A Rubin

22. Whimsical Butterfly Puffs

This enchanting hairstyle is a dreamy blend of creativity and playfulness, perfect for a young child eager to express their unique style.

It features several neat braids that smoothly transition into a burst of fluffy puffs, each playfully adorned with colorful butterfly clips that add a magical touch.

The vibrant clips are scattered throughout the puffs, mimicking butterflies fluttering in a garden.

This hairstyle is ideal for any festive occasion or a delightful day out, ensuring the child feels as whimsical and free as the butterflies in their hair.

@Latashia A Rubin

23. Cascading Curly Ties

This hairstyle elegantly combines playful elements with sophisticated style, ideal for a young girl on a fun day out.

It features neat braids that start at the front and gradually blend into lush, curly locks at the back, allowing natural texture to shine through.

Each braid is tied off with colorful hair ties and adorned with charming bows, adding a touch of sweetness.

This style is perfect for balancing formal and casual, providing a versatile look that can transition from classroom to playground with ease.

@Latashia A Rubin

24. Twirls and Bows Elegance

This hairstyle blends classic braiding with playful elements to create a look that’s both charming and stylish.

It features meticulously braided sections that start at the front and spiral around to the back, merging into luscious, curly tails tied off with delicate bows.

The use of light blue ribbons to secure the curls adds a touch of softness and elegance, making it perfect for school events or weekend outings.

This style is ideal for a young girl who loves a polished look with a hint of fun.

@Latashia A Rubin

25. Blue Blossom Curls

This delightful hairstyle embodies a playful fusion of texture and color, perfect for a young child who loves to stand out.

It starts with neatly braided cornrows that are adorned with vibrant blue floral clips, adding a fresh, floral touch to the look.

These cornrows lead up to a beautifully voluminous curly puff, showcasing the natural texture of the hair.

The combination of tight braids and loose curls makes this style both practical and stylish, ideal for a day full of adventure or a casual gathering.

@Latashia A Rubin

26. Colorful Beaded Bantu Knots

This vibrant hairstyle is a playful and stylish expression for any young trendsetter.

It features an array of beautifully crafted Bantu knots that line the crown, leading into cascading braids adorned with colorful beads.

Each braid is meticulously sectioned and wrapped with vibrant rubber bands that match the beads, adding a pop of color that enhances the entire look.

This hairstyle is perfect for showcasing personality and style, ideal for school days, special events, or just adding a touch of fun to everyday outfits.

@Maryam Moh’d Akhadelor

27. Starry Night Braids

This enchanting hairstyle captures the imagination with its precise, grid-like parting adorned with tiny, colorful rubber bands that lend a playful charm.

The thick, lush braids cascade beautifully down the back, each sectioned neatly and tied to perfection, mirroring the starry night sky on her shirt.

It’s a versatile style that’s as functional for school days as it is captivating for special occasions, embodying a delightful blend of whimsy and meticulous styling that will make any young girl feel like the star of the show.

@Maryam Moh’d Akhadelor

28. Cascading Rainbow Braids

Delightfully vibrant, this hairstyle features an array of brightly colored rubber bands, each securing small, neat sections of hair that flow into sleek, long braids.

The design showcases an intricate pattern that enhances the volume and length, making it a standout style.

Ideal for bringing a splash of color to any occasion, these braids not only capture the essence of youthful playfulness but also exhibit a meticulous craft that maintains the hair neatly throughout the day.

@Maryam Moh’d Akhadelor

29. Playful Pinwheel Braids

These braids are a delightful showcase of creativity and fun, perfect for the little adventurer.

Each braid spirals from the crown-like spokes on a wheel, held in place by colorful rubber bands that add pops of brightness throughout.

The ends of the braids are left free, giving a playful touch to the overall look.

This hairstyle not only keeps the hair neatly away from the face but also serves as a vibrant expression of youthful energy and joy, making it ideal for both school days and weekend outings.

@CN Beauty Hub

30. Whimsical Candy Curls

This playful hairstyle combines whimsy and style, perfect for a day full of imagination and fun.

Featuring sleek sections partitioned with colorful rubber bands, each section of hair cascades into delicate curls, topped with cheerful bows that add a touch of girlish charm.

The look is not only adorable but also practical, keeping hair tidy and away from the face while adding a splash of color and joy.

It’s ideal for young girls attending a party or just enjoying a day at the playground.


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