22 Rihanna Makeup Looks – Must Try in 2024

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, mesmerized by Rihanna’s flawless makeup looks?

Wondering how she pulls off such diverse and stunning styles with ease? If you’ve been searching for inspiration to elevate your makeup game, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ve compiled 22 of Rihanna’s most iconic makeup looks that will answer all your beauty questions and provide the perfect solutions to achieve that star-worthy glow.

Let’s dive in!

22 Rihana Makeup Looks for 2024

1. Edgy Red Winged Liner

This striking makeup look features bold, extended red-winged eyeliner that contrasts beautifully with a subtle nude lip and flawless skin.

The red wing draws attention to the eyes, adding a fierce and dramatic flair to the overall appearance, perfect for making a statement at any event.

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2. Bold Red Lips with Golden Accents

This glamorous makeup look pairs a vibrant matte red lip with shimmering gold accents around the eyes.

The combination of the rich red lips and the metallic golden highlights creates a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, drawing attention to both the eyes and the lips for a balanced and striking effect.

@Rihanna Star

3. Glamorous Red Lips with a Chic Edge

This look features striking deep red lips paired with minimal eye makeup, allowing the bold lip color to take center stage.

The addition of oversized, bedazzled sunglasses and sleek, platinum-blonde hair elevates the look, blending classic glamour with a modern, edgy twist for an unforgettable appearance.


4. Dark Vampy Lips with Neutral Tones

This makeup look highlights deep, vampy lips in a rich, dark hue, perfectly complemented by a fresh, neutral-toned complexion.

The striking contrast between the bold lip color and the subtle, natural makeup on the rest of the face creates an edgy yet sophisticated vibe, ideal for evening outings.

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5. Subtle Nude Elegance

This makeup look exudes effortless chic with a focus on subtle nude tones. The lips are softly glossed, while the skin is radiant with a natural glow.

Minimal eye makeup paired with the blue-tinted sunglasses creates a fresh and casual vibe, perfect for daytime outings and street style flair.


6. Soft Glam with a Nude Palette

This sophisticated look centers on soft glam with a muted nude palette. The lips are adorned with a delicate nude gloss, complementing the flawless, dewy skin.

Minimalist eye makeup paired with oversized black sunglasses and a stylish hat adds an air of mystery and elegance, perfect for a high-fashion outing.


7. Natural Glow with Glossy Lips

This look radiates a fresh, natural glow, focusing on dewy skin and subtly defined features.

The glossy lips add a hint of shine, perfectly balancing the understated eye makeup and flawlessly arched brows.

This effortless yet polished look is ideal for daytime events, highlighting natural beauty with a touch of elegance.


8. Peachy Glow with Glossy Lips

This makeup look features a fresh, peachy glow that highlights the cheeks and lips.

The soft peach blush adds warmth to the complexion, while the glossy lips provide a touch of shine.

Complemented by subtle eye makeup and perfectly groomed brows, this look is both radiant and sophisticated, perfect for any occasion.


9. Soft Glam with a Pink Undertone

This makeup look emphasizes a soft glam approach with delicate pink undertones.

The lips feature a subtle pink gloss, harmonizing beautifully with the lightly blushed cheeks.

The eyes are kept simple yet defined, creating a natural and radiant appearance that exudes warmth and charm, ideal for casual yet polished outings.


10. Sleek Bronze Glam

This makeup look features sleek bronze tones that enhance the natural warmth of the complexion.

The glossy bronze lips add a touch of sophistication, while the subtle bronze eye makeup creates a cohesive and polished appearance.

Paired with the chic braided hairstyle and stylish accessories, this look exudes modern elegance and confidence.


11. Bold Metallic Green Lips

This daring makeup look is defined by bold, metallic green lips that create an unforgettable statement.

The rich green hue contrasts strikingly with the flawless complexion and minimal eye makeup.

The look is further accentuated by intricate bantu knots and dramatic accessories, exuding confidence and avant-garde style perfect for bold fashion moments.


12. Radiant Berry Lips

This playful makeup look features radiant berry-colored lips that add color to the natural makeup base.

The subtle eye makeup and perfectly groomed brows allow the vibrant lip color to shine.

Combined with her bouncy curls, this look is fresh and fun, perfect for casual outings and lively events.


13. Classic Winged Eyeliner with Nude Lips

This elegant makeup look features a classic winged eyeliner that accentuates the eyes precisely.

The nude lips add a touch of subtle sophistication, complementing the bold eyeliner perfectly.

Paired with sleek, glossy hair adorned with pearls and a statement pearl choker, this look exudes timeless elegance and modern glamour.


14. Soft Pink Lips with Dramatic Eyes

This makeup look features soft pink lips that offer a delicate contrast to the dramatic, winged eyeliner and voluminous lashes.

The soft pink hue adds a touch of sweetness, while the defined eyes bring intensity.

Paired with voluminous curls and elegant jewelry, this look balances playful and sophisticated elements effortlessly.


15. Bold Red and Black Winged Eyes

This makeup look is characterized by striking red and black winged eyeliner that extends dramatically from the eyes.

The bold, dual-tone wings create a fierce and edgy effect, while the rest of the makeup remains subtle with nude lips and flawless skin.


16. Vibrant Magenta Lips with Natural Eyes

This makeup look features vibrant magenta lips that provide a striking pop of color against a natural makeup base.

The understated eye makeup keeps the focus on the bold lip color, while the natural, voluminous curls add a touch of effortless chic.

Perfect for a casual yet eye-catching daytime look, this style exudes confidence and flair.


17. Rich Burgundy Lips with Soft Smokey Eyes

This makeup look features rich burgundy lips that add depth and drama to the overall appearance.

The soft smokey eyes with subtle shimmer complement the bold lip color, creating a balanced and elegant look.

Paired with a sleek braided hairstyle and statement earrings, this makeup exudes sophistication and timeless beauty.


18. Classic Red Lips with Retro Glam

This retro-inspired makeup look features classic red lips paired with soft, shimmery eyeshadow.

The eye makeup is enhanced with a subtle cat-eye, adding a vintage flair.

The overall look is completed with perfectly styled vintage curls, exuding timeless glamour and sophistication, perfect for a chic and elegant appearance.


19. Soft Pink Glam with Nude Undertones

This makeup look highlights soft pink lips and subtle nude undertones.

The eyes are gently defined with light eyeshadow and delicate eyeliner, creating a fresh and youthful appearance.

Complemented by flawless skin and slightly tousled hair, this look exudes effortless elegance and a charming, natural beauty ideal for any casual or formal setting.


20. Warm Nude Elegance

This makeup look features warm nude tones that enhance natural beauty.

The eyes are softly defined with warm brown eyeshadow, while the lips sport a rich nude color that adds a touch of sophistication.

The overall look is polished yet understated, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, exuding timeless elegance and confidence.


21. Pastel Pink Perfection

This makeup look features soft, pastel pink tones that harmonize beautifully with vibrant pink hair.

The eyes are accentuated with delicate eyeshadow and subtle eyeliner, while the lips sport a matching pink shade that enhances the overall color palette.

The cohesive look is playful yet elegant, perfect for making a bold, stylish statement.


22. Rose Gold Radiance

This makeup look features a beautiful blend of rose gold tones that accentuate the eyes and cheeks.

The eyes are defined with a soft, shimmery rose gold eyeshadow, complemented by subtle eyeliner.

The lips sport a warm nude shade that ties the look together. Paired with elegant jewelry, this look exudes sophistication and warmth, perfect for any glamorous event.


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