36 Nails for Teens – Easy to Copy

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Are you on the lookout for the perfect nail design to express your unique style?

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through endless options but still can’t decide which look to try next?

In this article, I’m excited to share 36 fabulous nail ideas tailored just for teens.

Whether you’re into bold colors, intricate patterns, or minimalist designs, these suggestions will answer all your nail dilemmas and inspire your next manicure masterpiece.

Let’s dive in:

36 Teen Nails to COPY in 2024

1. Cute Hello Kitty Nails

These nails feature an adorable Hello Kitty theme with a pink base, incorporating charming Hello Kitty decals on two accent nails.

The design includes delicate silver embellishments, a dangling charm, and intricate white and silver linework, creating a fun and playful aesthetic.

The overall look is completed with 3D elements and rhinestones, giving the nails a touch of sparkle and elegance.

@Glamorous Nails

2. Lavender Glam Nails

This nail design showcases a striking lavender color scheme with a mix of glossy and textured finishes.

Each nail features unique embellishments, including rhinestones, 3D bows, and intricate patterns. One accent nail is adorned with shimmering crystals, adding a touch of luxury.

The combination of various textures and decorative elements creates a glamorous and eye-catching look perfect for making a bold fashion statement.

@Jae Grimes

3. Minimalist Nude Ombré Nails

This design features a sophisticated nude ombré effect that gradually transitions from a soft beige at the base to a crisp white at the tips.

Accentuating the minimalist style, two nails are adorned with delicate white decals – one with a heart and the other with a letter.

The overall look is subtle yet chic, perfect for those who prefer an understated elegance.


4. Playful Pink and Pearl Nails

This playful design features a soft pink base with vibrant pink and white swirls on the tips, creating a whimsical backdrop.

The nails are adorned with various 3D decorations, including pearl-studded stars, rhinestones, and floral accents, adding layers of texture and sparkle.

The combination of pearls and crystals enhances the playful and feminine vibe, making it perfect for a fun, girly look.

@Jae Grimes

5. Elegant White-Tipped Nails

This elegant design combines a classic nude base with a modern twist on the French manicure.

The nails feature crisp white, angular tips, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. Delicate silver glitter lines accentuate the design, adding a touch of sparkle.

A few nails are adorned with subtle rhinestones and floral patterns, enhancing the overall elegance without overpowering the simplicity.


6. Playful Nude Nails with Polka Dots

This playful nail design features a nude base that provides a clean and sophisticated look.

The accent nails are decorated with small black polka dots, adding a fun and quirky element to the design.

The simplicity of the nude color is perfectly balanced by the whimsical dots, making it a great choice for a stylish yet youthful appearance.

@Studio8nails Worksop

7. Festive Candy Cane Nails

This festive nail design features a bold red base with eye-catching accents.

One accent nail flaunts white polka dots on a red background, while another showcases candy cane stripes, adding a playful holiday touch.

The mix of patterns and solid red creates a vibrant and cheerful look, perfect for celebrating the holiday season in style.

@Studio8nails Worksop

8. Adorable Penguin Nails

This charming nail design features a dark blue base, perfect for creating a wintery vibe.

The standout element is the adorable penguin accent nail, complete with a white belly, orange beak, and tiny black eyes.

The playful penguin detail adds a cute and whimsical touch, making this design perfect for kids and teens who love fun and creative nail art.

@Beauty Spot

9. Spooky Web Nails

This spooky nail design combines a soft pink base with bold black tips, creating a striking contrast.

The standout feature is the intricate spider web pattern on a few accent nails, adding a touch of Halloween spirit.

The glossy finish enhances the overall look, making these nails perfect for anyone looking to embrace a fun and eerie aesthetic.

@Ana Nguyen

10. Classic Glossy Pink Nails

This nail design exudes classic elegance with its simple yet stunning glossy pink finish.

The medium-length square shape adds a modern touch, while the high-shine top coat ensures a polished look.

Perfect for any occasion, these nails are versatile and timeless, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate understated beauty and a sophisticated style.

@Liza Jauregui

11. Love-Inspired Nail Art

This delightful nail design showcases a love-inspired theme with a mix of red and black accents.

Each nail features heart motifs, with some nails flaunting red hearts on a pale pink base and others highlighting black hearts with black French tips.

Furthermore, star-like black and white decorations add an extra touch of charm, creating a romantic and stylish look perfect for any occasion.

@Secret lashes by Melanie Pi

12. Pink Hearts Delight Nails

This cute and charming nail design features a soft pink base that fades into a translucent tip, creating a delicate ombré effect.

Adorning the nails are adorable pink and white heart outlines, adding a playful and romantic touch.

The combination of the soft pink hues and the whimsical heart designs makes this manicure perfect for expressing a sweet and loving vibe.

@Foreign Styles by Twin

13. Elegant Butterfly and Floral Nails

This elegant design features a soft pink base with crisp white tips that create a modern twist on the classic French manicure.

Adorned with 3D floral accents, sparkling rhinestones, and intricate butterfly decals, these nails exude sophistication and charm.

The combination of textures and embellishments adds a luxurious feel, making this manicure perfect for special occasions and glamorous events.

@Megguie Amaya

14. Pastel Swirl Nails

This pastel nail design combines a soft pink base with lavender tips, creating a dreamy and feminine look.

The design is accentuated with delicate white swirl patterns and tiny heart motifs, adding a playful and whimsical touch.

The long, square shape of the nails enhances the elegant yet fun vibe, making this design perfect for anyone looking to showcase their creativity and style.

@AMirah Nguyen

15. Bold Lettering and Heart Nails

This vibrant nail design combines bold lettering with playful heart motifs for a unique and eye-catching look.

The nails feature a mix of red, black, and pink colors, with large letters on some nails and red hearts on others.

The letters are surrounded by small pink hearts, adding a fun and artistic flair, making these nails perfect for those who love to stand out.


16. Spring Pastel Nails

This delightful nail design features a mix of pastel colors perfect for spring.

The nails showcase soft lavender, sunny yellow, and a natural nude base, creating a cheerful and fresh look.

Accents of white daisy patterns on the lavender nails add a playful touch.

The varied colors and simple floral design make these nails ideal for embracing the beauty of springtime.

@NailBite Nail & Beauty Bar

17. Festive Candy Cane and Hearts Nails

This festive nail design features a delightful mix of pink and white patterns, reminiscent of candy canes and holiday cheer.

The nails showcase alternating stripes and heart motifs, with a standout nail adorned with a delicate white snowflake on a clear base.

The combination of whimsical patterns and soft colors creates a joyful and celebratory look perfect for the holiday season.


18. Classic Pink French Tips

This classic nail design features a soft pink base with delicate white French tips, offering a fresh and timeless look.

The short, rounded nails provide a neat and polished appearance, perfect for everyday wear.

The combination of pastel pink and crisp white creates a subtle yet sophisticated style, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer understated elegance.

@Sala Hair Michele Costa

19. Rustic Plaid and Silhouette Nails

This rustic nail design features a striking red and black color palette with a variety of textures and patterns.

The nails showcase a mix of plaid patterns, deer and tree silhouettes, and a cozy knit texture, all on long, pointed nails.

The combination of these elements creates a warm and festive look, perfect for embracing the winter season with style and creativity.


20. Enchanted Midnight Nails

This mesmerizing nail design features a gradient from a nude base to deep, enchanting purple tips.

Subtle iridescent flakes and delicate white floral accents add a touch of magic and elegance.

The glossy finish enhances the sophisticated allure, making these nails perfect for a night out or a special occasion where you want to add a bit of mystique and sparkle to your look.

21. Pastel Dream Nails

This whimsical nail design features a palette of soft pastel colors, including mint green, lavender, and light pink.

Each nail is adorned with playful designs such as stars, hearts, flowers, and butterflies, creating a dreamy and fun aesthetic.

The long, almond-shaped nails enhance the overall look, making it perfect for anyone who loves a youthful and vibrant style full of creativity and charm.

22. Vibrant Rainbow and Glitter Nails

This lively nail design features a mix of bright rainbows, glittery accents, and playful motifs.

The nails combine a sparkling base with intricate designs, including hearts, stars, and colorful flowers.

The rainbow gradients add a burst of color, making each nail a unique piece of art.

This fun and eye-catching style is perfect for anyone looking to make a bold and cheerful statement.

23. Minimalist Starry Nails

This minimalist nail design combines elegance with a touch of celestial charm.

The nails feature a clear, natural base with delicate gold and silver star decals strategically placed on each nail.

The almond shape adds to the sophisticated look, while the minimalistic approach keeps it chic and modern.

Perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet stylish manicure that shines with simplicity and grace.

24. Color Block Nails

This vibrant nail design features a striking color block style with each nail painted in a different bright hue.

The combination of bold yellow, deep blue, soft pink, and pastel lavender creates a playful and eye-catching look.

The glossy finish enhances the vivid colors, making these nails perfect for anyone who loves to embrace bold, fun, and trendy styles with a touch of modern flair.

25. Playful Primary Colors Nails

This vibrant nail design embraces a playful combination of primary colors on long, almond-shaped nails.

Each nail is painted in a different bold hue: red, yellow, pastel pink, and sky blue, creating a cheerful and eye-catching look.

The glossy finish enhances the lively colors, making this design perfect for those who want to add a pop of fun and creativity to their style.

26. Geometric Minimalism Nails

Embrace simplicity with a modern twist in this geometric minimalism nail design.

Each nail features a clean, white base accented with unique black and yellow geometric shapes.

The design includes a small black dot, a black triangle, a yellow square, and subtle white dots on different nails, creating a sleek and artistic look that’s perfect for the minimalist at heart.

@Tamara Tamas Nail Technician

27. Ocean Blue Nails

Dive into the cool, refreshing vibes of these Ocean Blue nails. This design showcases a solid, glossy blue polish that evokes the tranquility and depth of the ocean.

Perfect for any occasion, this simple yet striking color brings a pop of vibrant elegance to your fingertips, making it a versatile choice for teens who love a clean and bold look.

@Sala Hair Michele Costa

28. Subtle Red Outlined Nails

This nail design features a chic, minimalist approach with a twist. The base is a soft, matte white, providing a clean canvas.

Each nail is delicately outlined with a thin, vibrant red line, adding a pop of color and a touch of sophistication.

This understated yet eye-catching design is perfect for teens looking for elegance with a playful edge.

@Tamara Tamas Nail Technician

29. Glitter and Leopard Print Nails

This bold nail design merges sparkle and animal print for a trendy, eye-catching look.

The glittery silver nails create a dazzling effect, while the turquoise nails adorned with black leopard spots add a playful, wild touch.

Perfect for teens who love to stand out, this design offers a chic and fun way to express personality and style.

@Stetik Parlook

30. Elegant Gold Wave Nails

This sophisticated design features a clean white base accented with delicate gold wave lines, creating a chic and minimalist look.

The gold waves add a touch of luxury and elegance, making it perfect for special occasions or a polished everyday style.

The smooth, flowing lines evoke a sense of calm and sophistication, ideal for teens who appreciate understated elegance.

@Tamara Tamas Nail Technician

31. Blue and White Gradient Tips

This stylish nail design features a delicate blend of blue and white gradient tips on a nude base.

The pointed stiletto shape adds a bold touch, while the soft color transition offers a serene and sophisticated look.

Perfect for teens who want a mix of elegance and edge, this design stands out with its clean lines and modern appeal.

@Nails In America

32. Neon Splash Nail Art

This vibrant nail design features an artistic splash of neon colors on a clear base, creating a lively and eye-catching effect.

The combination of yellow, pink, and blue splatters offers a fun and playful look, perfect for teens who love bold, expressive styles.

Each nail has a unique pattern, making this design both creative and personalized.

@Nails In America

33. Opal Elegance Nail Art

This elegant nail design showcases a pristine white base, enhanced with a delicate shimmer that adds a subtle sparkle.

The standout feature is the opal-inspired accent nail, adorned with multicolored gemstones arranged in a ring-like pattern.

This combination of minimalist elegance and glamorous embellishment creates a sophisticated look perfect for special occasions or adds a touch of luxury to everyday style.

@Tamara Tamas Nail Technician

34. Luxe Matte and Pearl Accent Nails

This nail design features a chic matte lavender base that exudes sophistication and calm.

The accent nail steals the show with a dazzling array of black and white pearls, creating a striking contrast against the matte finish.

The combination of textures – matte smoothness and pearly embellishments – adds depth and a touch of glamour, making this design perfect for elegant occasions.

@Tamara Tamas Nail Technician

35. Pop Art Statement Nails

This design is a bold blend of pop art and graffiti-inspired elements, perfect for those who love to express their individuality.

Each nail features a unique pattern, from hearts and stripes to abstract shapes and text.

The vivid color palette, including yellows, blues, pinks, and whites, creates a vibrant and eye-catching look that screams creativity and personality.


36. Bold Blue Accents

Dive into the deep with this striking nail design. The vibrant blue nails dominate the look, bringing a bold and confident vibe.

One accent nail breaks the monotony with a clear base and a single blue heart, adding a touch of whimsy and balance.

This design is perfect for those who want to make a statement while keeping it playful.

@Tamara Tamas Nail Technician

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