35 Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Every Age to Try in 2024

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Are you tired of the same old hairstyles and looking for something fresh and exciting that can keep up with your busy lifestyle?

Have you ever wondered how you could style your hair in a way that’s not only fashionable but also functional, especially on those non-stop days?

Whether you’re hitting the gym, running errands, or just want to keep your hair out of your face with flair, Dutch braids could be the perfect solution.

I’ve put together a collection of 35 stunning Dutch braid ideas that are guaranteed to inspire you and transform your hairstyling routine.

Each look combines beauty with practicality, ensuring you can find the perfect braid to match any occasion or outfit.

Let’s dive in!

What is Dutch Braid?

A Dutch braid, often referred to as a “reverse French braid,” involves a three-strand braiding technique where each section of hair is crossed under the others, as opposed to over in a traditional French braid.

This method causes the braid to appear raised or more prominent on the head, creating an embossed look that’s both eye-catching and stylish.

The Dutch braid can be styled in various ways, from a single braid down the back, to double braids, or even incorporated into updos and more complex hairstyles.

35 Dutch Braid Hairstyles to Copy

1. Dutch Braid Masterpiece

This striking Dutch braid showcases a blend of natural brown and bold blonde strands, intricately woven into a thick, luxurious plait that cascades down the wearer’s back.

The hairstyle features a neat, tightly braided pattern starting from the crown, emphasizing volume and texture.

The alternating color highlights create a dynamic visual effect, making it a statement piece suitable for both casual outings and formal gatherings.


2. Braided Elegance

This hairstyle elevates the traditional Dutch braid into a sophisticated updo, perfect for special occasions.

The braid wraps around the head creating a halo effect, while sections are carefully pinned up at the back to form an intricate pattern.

Adorned with delicate floral pins, this look combines rustic charm with a touch of elegance.

It’s a versatile style that complements both a wedding gown and a cocktail dress, making it a go-to choice for a chic, polished appearance.


3. Dual Dutch Delight

This hairstyle features twin Dutch braids that begin with small, neat sections at the front and progressively widen as they descend along the sides, seamlessly transitioning into free-flowing ends.

The braids, highlighted by the hair’s natural gradient from dark roots to lighter tips, offer a playful yet polished look.

This style is ideal for those who want to keep their hair neatly styled while also displaying its length and texture, perfect for both everyday wear and special events.


4. Cascading Dutch Braid with a Twist

This hairstyle takes the classic Dutch braid to a new level, incorporating a creative twist that adds an element of playful sophistication.

Starting at the crown, the braid flows seamlessly into a series of loops secured with bands, accentuated by a turquoise ribbon that weaves through the braid, adding a pop of color.

The rest of the hair is left loose, creating a lovely contrast with the structured top, ideal for those who want to blend formal intricacy with casual ease.


5. Dutch Braid with Shell Accents

This Dutch braid is a luxurious fusion of tradition and ornate styling, perfect for those special occasions.

The braid thickens as it cascades down the back, interspersed with elegant shell embellishments that lend a unique, maritime flair.

Ending in a soft, voluminous bun at the nape, this hairstyle is both a nod to classic braiding artistry and a statement of sophisticated charm, ideal for enhancing an outfit with its decorative and eye-catching accents.


6. Classic Dutch Crown

This Dutch braid starts at the forehead and wraps around the head, creating a regal crown effect before extending into a long, flowing braid down the back.

This style combines elegance and practicality, keeping hair neatly away from the face while showcasing its length and volume.

The braid’s smooth, woven texture contrasts beautifully with loose wisps at the sides, adding a soft, feminine touch to the structured design.


7. Dutch Braid Ponytail Fusion

This hairstyle uniquely blends a Dutch braid with a playful ponytail, starting with tight braiding at the scalp that transitions into a loosely tied, curly ponytail.

The braid wraps from the front to the back, adding texture and depth before merging into the ponytail that showcases voluminous curls.

This combination makes it a versatile choice for both sporty days and casual outings, providing a chic twist on traditional braid styles while maintaining a fun, youthful vibe.


8. Festive Dutch Braid

This Dutch braid exudes charm with its thick, well-defined plaits that begin tightly at the crown and loosen slightly as they flow down.

Adorned with a festive red bow at the end, this hairstyle blends functionality with a playful touch, making it perfect for holiday gatherings or any event where a touch of whimsy is welcomed.

The braid’s robust structure ensures it stays intact, offering a practical yet pretty option for long days of celebration.


9. Dutch Braid Top Knot

This hairstyle combines a playful Dutch braid with a chic top knot, perfect for those seeking a modern twist on classic styles.

Starting from the hairline, the braid weaves back to form a crown before gathering into a neat bun at the crown of the head.

The rest of the hair cascades in loose waves, creating a contrast between the structured braid and the relaxed, free-flowing locks.


10. Dutch Braid Bun Accent

This hairstyle features a sleek Dutch braid that elegantly transitions into a polished bun at the crown, creating a sophisticated look.

The braid begins at the forehead and intricately weaves back, adding texture and depth to the hair before culminating in a smooth, rounded bun.

This style offers a perfect blend of classic braiding and modern updo, suitable for formal events or a professional setting where a refined appearance is desired.


11. Playful Dutch Ponytail

This hairstyle is a delightful mix of precision and fun, featuring a Dutch braid that starts at the hairline and sweeps across the crown, effortlessly transitioning into a playful ponytail.

The braid adds a neat, intricate touch to the style, while the ponytail bursts with volume and waves, creating a youthful and lively look.

This hairstyle is perfect for young wearers, offering a secure yet stylish option for school days or weekend outings.


12. Intricate Dutch Braid Web

This hairstyle features an elaborate network of Dutch braids that creates a captivating web across the scalp.

Each braid is meticulously crafted, showcasing the stylist’s skill in weaving hair from various angles to form a unified and artistic design.

This braid style is perfect for those who appreciate detailed and creative hair arrangements, making it a standout choice for performances, competitions, or any occasion where a unique and eye-catching hairstyle is desired.


13. Dutch Braid Side Ponytail

This playful hairstyle creatively combines a Dutch braid with a side ponytail for a youthful and spirited look.

The braid wraps around the head, artfully transitioning into a tousled ponytail that falls playfully over one shoulder.

The hairstyle is accentuated by the natural highlights of the hair, enhancing the texture and depth of the braid.


14. Dual Precision Dutch Braids

These dual Dutch braids present a clean and precise look, perfect for athletic events or stylish everyday wear.

The braids start close to the scalp with a tight weave, ensuring they stay neat and controlled throughout the day.

Transitioning into free-flowing ponytails, the style combines the elegance of braiding with the ease of loose hair, striking a balance between sophisticated design and practical functionality.


15. Autumnal Dutch Braid Cascade

This hairstyle is a stunning representation of artistry, featuring multiple Dutch braids that converge into a single, thick braid, creating a cascading effect.

Each strand is meticulously intertwined, demonstrating not only skill but also a flair for creative expression.

The varying braid sizes add depth and dimension, making it an eye-catching style perfect for seasonal events or photo shoots where a bold, yet intricate hairstyle is desired.


16. Elegant Side-Swept Dutch Braid

This hairstyle showcases a beautifully executed Dutch braid that begins at the top of the head and gracefully sweeps to one side, providing a classic yet dynamic look.

The thick plait highlights the glossy richness of the hair’s natural color, flowing into a more relaxed braid towards the end.

This versatile style is perfect for both formal events and everyday elegance, offering a blend of sophistication and simplicity that enhances any outfit.


17. Forest-Inspired Dutch Braids

These twin Dutch braids exude a natural, forest-inspired charm, skillfully woven to cascade down the back.

Starting from the crown, the braids are thick and intricately twisted, reflecting a robust yet elegant look.

As they descend, the braids taper into loose ends, blending seamlessly with the wearer’s free-flowing hair.


18. Sunlit Dutch Braid Cascade

This hairstyle features a beautifully woven Dutch braid that cascades down the back, highlighted by sunlit shades of blonde and brown.

The braid starts with tight interlocking strands from the crown, gradually transitioning into a looser and more relaxed pattern as it flows downwards.

This hairstyle not only enhances the natural hues of the hair but also provides a durable style suitable for both leisure and elegant occasions, embodying a blend of beauty and practicality.


19. Playful Bubble Dutch Braids

This charming hairstyle features Dutch braids that transition into a series of delightful bubble ponytails, each section bound with colorful elastics that add a playful pop.

Adorned with soft pink floral accessories near the base, this look is perfect for young ones, blending classic braiding with a whimsical twist.

The style is ideal for school events or playful outings, offering both a secure fit and a touch of youthful exuberance.


20. Academic Dutch Braid

This hairstyle features a neat Dutch braid that encircles the head like a crown before transitioning into a classic braid down the back.

It’s an ideal choice for academic settings or study sessions, as it keeps hair tidy and out of the face, allowing for uninterrupted focus.

The style combines simplicity and elegance, making it not only practical for long school days but also stylish enough for after-school activities.


21. Vibrant Dutch Braid Extensions

This hairstyle elevates the classic Dutch braid with striking orange extensions, blending seamlessly with natural tones to create a bold, vibrant look.

The braids start at the crown and extend into lengthy, thick plaits, showcasing an intricate weave that’s both eye-catching and stylish.

Perfect for those who wish to make a statement at events or through artistic expression, these braids offer a unique twist on traditional styles, marrying personality with craft.


22. Sleek Twin Dutch Braids

These twin Dutch braids offer a sleek and symmetrical look, perfect for active days or stylish gatherings.

Starting at the top of the head and tightly woven to the nape, the braids ensure a neat appearance that keeps hair securely in place.

The uniform twists showcase precision and neatness, making this hairstyle not only practical for keeping hair managed but also fashionable for its clean and defined lines.


23. Dutch Braid Headband

This hairstyle features a Dutch braid styled as a headband, sweeping across the crown and seamlessly transitioning into a ponytail.

The braid serves both a decorative and practical function, keeping hair neatly away from the face while adding a touch of elegance.

Perfect for school or casual outings, this style combines the simplicity of a ponytail with the intricate beauty of a Dutch braid, making it a versatile choice for any young girl.


24. Labyrinth Dutch Braids

This intricate hairstyle showcases a labyrinth of Dutch braids that weave together across the scalp, culminating in a singular, elegant braid down the back.

Each braid is crafted with precision, showcasing a dynamic interplay of texture and volume.

Ideal for those who enjoy a complex and refined look, this style is perfect for formal events or any occasion where a striking and meticulous hair design is desired.


25. Crown Accent Dutch Braid

This hairstyle elegantly combines loose, flowing hair with a Dutch braid that acts as a crown accent across the top of the head.

The braid provides a subtle yet striking enhancement to the otherwise relaxed style, making it versatile for both casual and formal settings.

It’s perfect for those who want to add a touch of refinement to their everyday look without committing to a full braid, offering a balance of sophistication and ease.


26. Lattice Dutch Braid

This hairstyle showcases a stunning Dutch braid that weaves down the back in a lattice pattern.

The technique creates a dense, intricate appearance that remains sleek and polished, ideal for professional settings or school days.

Its elegance lies in the smooth integration of smaller braids feeding into the larger braid, offering a structured yet graceful style that is both practical and stylish for all-day wear.


27. Cascade Dutch Braid

The Cascade Dutch Braid offers a delightful twist on traditional styles, featuring multiple Dutch braids that converge into a singular, flowing braid.

This look combines elegance with playful charm, perfect for young individuals or those seeking a youthful vibe.

It’s structured at the top, where tight braids show precision, and transitions to a more relaxed style down the back, making it versatile for both casual and formal occasions.


28. Highlighted Elegance Dutch Braid

The Highlighted Elegance Dutch Braid is a stunning showcase of skillful braiding fused with vivid color contrasts.

This style begins with tightly woven braids at the scalp that gradually merge into a singular, thick braid, accented by a striking pink extension that adds a splash of whimsy and color.

Perfect for those looking to blend traditional braiding techniques with a modern twist, it’s a statement hairstyle that turns heads and keeps all eyes on you.


29. Cascading Crown Dutch Braid

The Cascading Crown Dutch Braid elegantly frames the head with a beautifully intricate braid that transitions into a free-flowing ponytail.

This hairstyle combines the neatness of tightly woven braids around the crown with the playful freedom of loose hair at the back, making it ideal for both formal events and casual outings.

It’s a versatile look that offers a perfect blend of sophistication and ease, suitable for various occasions.


30. Playful Pigtails with Dutch Braid Crown

This hairstyle showcases a charming combination of Dutch braids and playful pigtails.

Starting with a neatly braided crown that enhances the shape of the head, the style transitions into segmented pigtails that offer a fun and youthful look.

Ideal for school days or weekend outings, it’s a style that not only looks adorable but also keeps hair tidy and manageable throughout the day.


31. Sleek Side-Swept Dutch Braid

This hairstyle elegantly combines simplicity with a touch of sophistication.

Featuring a side-swept Dutch braid that starts near the crown and cascades down one side, it merges seamlessly into loose, flowing hair.

This style offers a polished look suitable for both formal and casual settings.

It’s particularly appealing for those who wish to keep their hair partly up and away from the face while showcasing their hair’s natural length and texture.


32. Festive Dutch Crown Braid

A delightful blend of charm and elegance, this hairstyle features a neat Dutch braid that crowns the head, seamlessly transitioning into a flowing ponytail.

It’s accentuated with a large, sparkling gold bow that adds a festive touch, making it perfect for holiday parties or any celebration.

This style beautifully combines the simplicity of loose hair with the sophistication of a braid, catering to both the playful and polished sides of a young girl’s personality.


33. Sculptural Dutch Braid Ensemble

This hairstyle is a masterpiece of intricacy and style, featuring multiple Dutch braids that create a stunning visual effect.

The braids vary in size and are expertly woven to cascade from the crown to the mid-scalp, then seamlessly integrate into the hair’s natural texture.

This design is not just a hairstyle but a statement, perfect for showcasing skilled braiding artistry while maintaining a touch of playful elegance suitable for formal and casual settings alike.


34. Cascading Elegance

This hairstyle features an array of Dutch braids that blend seamlessly into lush, flowing waves, creating a striking contrast that captures the essence of both structure and freedom.

The braids start tightly at the scalp and gradually merge into the waves, highlighting a beautiful transition that showcases the depth of color and texture in the hair.

This style is perfect for those looking to combine classic braiding with a touch of graceful flair.


35. Athletic Chic

This hairstyle captures the perfect blend of functionality and style, ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

Featuring a tight Dutch braid that starts from the crown and flows down, it secures the hair neatly, ensuring it stays in place during any activity.

The braid is accentuated by a chic floral accessory at the end, adding a touch of elegance and personal flair to an otherwise practical look.


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